Explore How to Wear in 11 Amazing Ways : Lehenga Style Saree Draping

Draping your saree in a lehenga style adds a touch of glamour to your ethnic wardrobe. Whether you’re looking to infuse flair into your sangeet outfit or rejuvenate old silk sarees, opting for a lehenga-type saree is a fantastic choice.

Here’s our guide on how to wear a lehenga-style saree in 11 sophisticated ways. This versatile list is suitable for various occasions, from formal office functions to your BFF’s wedding and intimate get-togethers. We’ve got you covered!

Lehenga Style Saree Draping in Beautiful Ways For Every Occasion:

1. Half Saree Lehenga with Back Pleats

Initiating our list with a striking style! This distinctive lehenga-style saree draping involves starting with pleats on the pallu, moving to the back with a neat fall in the front, and forming pleats at the back and front. This creates a V-shape in the front, adding a standout, flattering element.

2. Lehenga Choli Look

A popular adaptation of the lehenga-type saree. The first half is draped in nivi style with spread pleats, and the remaining fabric goes to the back, brought over the shoulder to fall in the front, either hanging loosely like a dupatta or pleated for a neat look.

3. Entire Saree Like a Lehenga

For a creative twist on how to wear a lehenga saree, pleat the entire saree around the waist in small widths to achieve a fluffy look, reminiscent of a regal lehenga worn by aristocrats. Opt for Banarasi silk or sequined fabrics for a seamless saree-to-lehenga transformation.

4. 2 Saree Pallu

An extravagant lehenga saree draping style where both saree pleats merge in the center. One pallu is draped over the shoulder from behind in Gujarati style, while the other, coming from behind, rests on the hand.

5. Saree Like Dupatta

A popular South Indian take on saree as a lehenga drape style. Worn over a lehenga, the saree is used as a dupatta. Make wide pleats on the non-pallu end, tuck it on the left side, take it around the waist, and place the pallu end over the left shoulder.

6. Half Lehenga Half Dupatta

A hassle-free way to wear a saree in lehenga style without needing a new blouse or dupatta. Make small pleats around the waist, stop after one round, and take the pallu behind, bringing it over the left shoulder, allowing the dupatta to reach floor length for an elegant look.

7. Half Saree Pleated Style, Front Dupatta

Ideal for a base lehenga in contrasting hues. The saree’s pleats start in the center and go back over the shoulder as a dupatta. A versatile style that suits various textiles.

8. Half Saree Pleated Style, Back Dupatta

Similar to the previous drape, but with the pallu brought to the front, taking a full round around the waist and pleating over the left shoulder like basic Divi style.

9. Front Back Pleated Lehenga

An alluring take on using the entire saree as a lehenga, suitable for georgette and tissue fabrics. After one and a half simple rounds around the waist, pleats are made in the central front, followed by plain tucking on the side, and then pleats in the back in the center, offering a unique swirling experience.

10. Scarf Style Dupatta with Lehenga Saree

For those who want to take the lehenga saree draping game up a notch. Start draping the saree in a simple Divi style with broad pleats until reaching the center. Take the remaining pallu part over the left shoulder, forming a unique U-shape flair of pleats below. You can get creative with different scarf styles, such as making a bow on the shoulder.

11. Pallu as Belt

Follow the familiar step of making small pleats around the waist to craft a fluffy lehenga. Leave some part of the pallu out, pleating it neatly to go around the waist as a belt. Secure the end part with a pin or tuck it in the back.

Lehenga-style sarees have been a fashion trend for years, evolving with creative interpretations from women of different generations and style preferences. Break away from the ordinary and let these lehenga-type saree styles carry you through various occasions and moods.

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