Learn How To Drape A Saree In 4 Easy Steps

The saree stands as an essential part of an Indian woman’s closet, worn from a young age, and its significance grows as young girls transition into adulthood during their 10th-standard graduation.

Considered a rite of passage, saree draping becomes a lifelong skill. While adorning a saree is a distinctive experience, the technique of draping one demands skill and knowledge—perfecting pleats, and elegantly positioning the pallu—each step is vital in unraveling these mysteries.

If saree draping is an art, mastering the pleating technique is the science that enhances its beauty. This article aims to demystify the process of wearing sarees, catering to both beginners and seasoned wearers.

From strategically placing saree pins for comfort to selecting pallu styles suitable for various occasions, this guide covers it all. So, expand your designer saree collection confidently, knowing how to wear them well.

Learn the Technique of Saree Draping in 4 Simple Steps

Discover the step-by-step guide to saree draping, ensuring even novices can effortlessly achieve the perfect drape. For beginners, start by choosing a cotton or less silky saree to avoid slipping through your fingers.

Step 1 – Prepare for Saree Draping

Before delving into saree draping, undertake several essential steps:

  • Unpack the saree and lay it out on your bed for examination.
  • Identify the pallu, usually distinct from the rest, often the grandest part.
  • Ensure the saree fall is positioned opposite the pallu, adjusting its height accordingly.
  • If needed, attach a saree fall for proper weight and fall.

Step 2 – Mastering the ‘Tuck’ in Saree Draping

Once attired in your blouse and underskirt, ensure the blouse lifts the saree, and the underskirt matches its color. Begin draping from the fall end, holding it against your belly button, and secure the tuck around your waist, eliminating any bumps.

Step 3 – Draping with Perfect Pleats

This section guides beginners through the basics of saree draping:

  • After the initial tuck, drape the saree without tucking, placing the pallu over your left shoulder.
  • Adjust the pallu’s height for comfort and secure the saree around your chest.
  • Form pleats with your thumb and forefinger, tucking them securely at your belly button.

Step 4 – Perfect Saree Draping, Bringing It All Together

Tuck in the loose ends of your saree for a polished look. Pull the pallu tight around your chest, deciding whether to pleat it or leave it flowing. Use pins strategically to secure the pallu and lower pleats for comfort and stability.

Saree Draping Tips

Different saree styles may require unique draping techniques. For beginners, ready-to-wear sarees with pre-set pleats are available, easing the process. Opt for beginner-friendly materials like cotton, crepe, or georgette for a pleat-friendly experience without slippage.

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