7 stylish looks for Diwali 2023

Diwali – what significance does this term hold for you? Is it merely a festival, or does it encompass much more, like a vacation, an opportunity for long-pending social gatherings, or a period of complete relaxation? For many, including myself, the term Diwali instantly evokes images of an extensive home cleaning endeavor.

It is that time of the year when you are tasked with clearing the annual clutter accumulated within your homes. Adding to the frenetic atmosphere is the task of redecorating and rejuvenating your Home-Sweet-Home. The pre-Diwali period may seem chaotic, but once you have completed the cleaning regimen, there are more than enough reasons to celebrate.

Beyond the multitude of sparkling elements, Diwali serves as an occasion to adorn yourself in festive attire – whether it’s the finest traditional garments or a trendy fusion, reflecting your unique interpretation of ethnicity.

A Week-Long Celebration!

Sustaining your fashion sense throughout the extended Diwali festivities can be demanding, especially if you are preoccupied with household tasks or lack the luxury of a five-day break from work. The Festival of Lights encompasses a wide array of celebrations deeply rooted in cultural themes.

As time progresses, you might find yourself trading your elegant Banarasi brocade saree for a comfortable cotton Anarkali Kurti at a community gathering or transforming the dress code of a home celebration from extravagant Indian wear to cozy pajamas. The last-minute clothing switch can indeed be intriguing!

Nevertheless, Diwali is, above all, a time to exhibit opulence in every aspect, including your wardrobe. It is the moment to flaunt the finest designer sarees, exquisite Anarkali suits, captivating fusion attire, and various chic ensembles within diverse social settings. With such a radiant occasion and a crowd striving to look their best, you undoubtedly require a head start in perfecting your appearance.

And it all commences with selecting the right wardrobe essentials!

Our stylist is dedicated to making Diwali 2023 a splendid and memorable celebration for you. Here, we present seven fitting outfit suggestions to bookmark for the upcoming series of festivities.

Indian Ethnic Wear for Diwali

Traditional Charm

If you have an inherent affinity for Indian culture, you are inherently aesthetically inclined towards desi attire! Indian clothing offers an array of options to ensure you are elegantly dressed for the entire week of social gatherings. From intricately embroidered Georgette Sequinned lehengas and handloom Patola sarees to timeless silk sarees with golden zari borders, the ethnic dress code seamlessly blends with the Diwali ambiance. Complement your outfit with embellished chappals, designer juttis, potli bags, and classic metallic accessories to achieve an authentic Indian look.

A Touch of Drama

Anticipating long-awaited reunions with your favorite social circles? For moments filled with merriment and enjoyment, you can deviate from the traditional dress code and enjoy some breathing space with contemporary themes! Embrace the latest trends by adopting a pre-stitched saree or a flared long Kurti adorned with extravagant details. If you have a keen eye for fashion, consider frills, tiers, and flounces as the season’s most enchanting embellishments! Enhance your outfit with minimal accessories; even a pair of delicate diamond studs would suffice.

Modern Elegance

The Diwali festival is synonymous with grandeur, creating the perfect backdrop for regal sartorial indulgence. Live out your royal fantasies with luxurious satin silk sarees in pastel hues or sorbet-toned lehengas that are equally suitable for the Lakshmi puja and New Year celebrations. Flowing silhouettes like Anarkali gowns in lustrous silks also earn accolades as regal outfit choices for the festival of lights.

Fusion Narratives

Contemporary styles blend seamlessly with ethnic traditions. Take this Diwali as an opportunity to experiment with blended fashions. Innovate your appearance with saree-style palazzo or sharara suits, jacket sarees, and trendy Anarkali Kurti dresses.

Surprise your audience with a striking indo-western gown for a striking impact at a grand dinner party. Don’t forget to add a pair of statement earrings to accentuate your look. Similarly, an indo-western lehenga suit offers a comfortable choice to maintain the splendor of the occasion. Opt for fabrics like georgette or cotton for a humid climate, or choose your preferred silk variety.

Since the Diwali week is extended and not all gatherings require extravagant dressing, the following three looks are tailored for less formal occasions.

Effortless Style

Planning to step away from the opulent brocade and excessive ostentation often associated with festivals? Swap the usual dress code for a simple, flowing saree paired with a chic and stylish designer blouse. Graceful sarees in soft silk, crepe, or chiffon work wonderfully for pre-and-post-Diwali celebrations. Add a few pearls and a beaded bag to create a subtly dramatic, hassle-free look for an outdoor brunch or house party.

Classic Choices

Elevated basics like Anarkali suits and embroidered churidar suits are safe yet stylish options for semi-formal gatherings. These occasions also offer an ideal setting for indulging in relaxed fits like kaftans and palazzo suits. You can also layer your classic straight-cut kurta with a jacket and complete the look with a pair of jhumkis.

Minimalistic Elegance

For those who prefer a more subdued festive appearance, you can achieve a minimalist look with a plain or printed Anarkali Kurti, a fusion jumpsuit, or a floor-length tunic. These ensembles are perfect for attending house parties and family dinners. While keeping your attire simple, opt for lighter accessories, such as tassel earrings and neutral slip-on footwear.

The upcoming festivities offer a multitude of opportunities. Ladies, start planning and ensure your Diwali 2023 collection is well-organized to fully relish the festival of lights. We trust that these wardrobe suggestions will provide you with a solid foundation for your style experiments. Stay beautiful!

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