10 Impressive Mirror Work Kurti Designs for Women in 2022

Kurti Work Mirror! Traditional and ancient ethnic styles have been taking a storm in the fashion market, and these mirror work designs in Kurtis are a fairly recent trend. They give you an Indian classic feeling, you can never make you look old and add to a beautiful and charming look. If you do not have this evergreen Kurtis in your collection, it is time for you to supply them. They are useful for several occasions and will surely allow you to have the center of attention in the crowd. We have compiled the last and most beautiful Kurtas with the mirror work today. So could you keep reading and see them?

How to design the work of mirror kurti: Tips and Ideas:

Before exploring the work of mirror Kurta Designs, let us know more about style. These Kurtis are elegant and charming and require less effort to flaunt!

  • It prefers the use of the ethnic fund. Try Kurta Work Mirror designs with palaces, leggings, straight pants, etc. The color contrast or coincides with them; Either way, they look very good and elegant.
  • Combine the Kurtis with footwear options such as wedges, tea moccasins, flat shoes and sandals.
  • Add beautiful accessories. You can customize according to your taste and Kurti design. If the Kurti has an intense and intricate job, prefer the earrings of declaration, and are ready to begin. A simple mirror work design for Kurtis can allow you to add declaration accessories everywhere.
  • Play with Dupatta. Even if the Kurti does not come with an attached dupatta, you can always add to give it a feeling of desi.

The best and last modern mirror work Kurts Designs:

We will continue and see the main favorites in the work of mirror Kurti established in the fashion market today.

1. Okhai Hand Mirror Work Kurti:

Get this elegant and simple work of pure cotton mirror in your hands. The Kurti really reflects simple is beautiful. It comes with the intricate embroidery of mirror work design aside and is filled with a vibrant and striking appearance. You can try this for numerous events, from casual exits to festive clothes, or even add a Dupatta to bring a complete desi style.

Okhai Hand Mirror Work KurtiBUY NOW

  • Design: Kurti purple mirror work with three -quarter sleeves
  • Fabila: pure cotton
  • Body type: sand watch, pear
  • Occasion: holiday
  • Use with: orange pants or beige

2. Bandhani embroidery kurti with mirror work:

Bandhani printed Kurtis and outfits are fascinating for their vintage and classic appearance, and today we have a Kurti embroidery with the same design. Fascinated? See this recent collection. We love this Kurti green embroidery mirror work that presents an anarkali and sleeveless design design.

Bandhani embroidery kurti


  • Design: Green Bandhani without sleeves Anarkali Borded Mirror Work Kurti
  • Fabric: Rayon
  • Body type: sand watch
  • Occasion: outputs, festivals, family gatherings
  • Use with: black leggings
  • Style advice: metal sandals, ethnic clutch and jhumkas as earrings are ideal.

3. Heavy mirror work Cotton Kurti:

This is one of our best favorites! The floral printed mirror works impressive Kurti in pink is among the best -selling variants at this time. Heavy work allows him to comb it for greatness events and the festive appearance effortlessly. Add glamor and a dazzling environment with a touch of vibrant ethnic appearance. Try it and you can see the glory!

Heavy mirror work Cotton Kurti

  • Design: Pink Heavy Mirror Works Kurti Cupy
  • Fabric: cotton
  • Body type: thin and small
  • Occasion: festive and family events
  • Use with: black or gold leggings
  • Style advice: Ethnic declaration accessories, clutch and heels are ideal.

4. Kurti full mirror work with palazzo:

Yellow Kurtis have a different charm and hot perennial leafy hot vibrations. We have this yellow mirror work Kurti with Palazzo and Dupatta. This fantastic selection of festive clothing can instantly provide all the desired attention and the beautiful appearance. Accessorize it with ethnic jewels, and can easily stand out from the crowd.

Kurti full mirror work with palazzo

  • Design: mirror work adorned with yellow sleeves kurti set
  • Fabric: Georgette
  • Body type: Any person
  • Occasion: festive events
  • Use with: matching palazzo
  • Style advice: combines with metal heels or juttis, ethnic accessories.

5. Foil Mirror Work Kurti:

The round neck mirror work that Kurti presents here is perfect for normal clothes. You can step forward in your daily fashion game with this Kurti of beautiful red women. The intricate design and appearance give a lovely and elegant appearance without problems. Try it and you can notice the difference yourself.

Foil Mirror Work Kurti

  • Design: Round -neck straight mirror work printed in Kurti red
  • Fabric: Rayon
  • Body type: thin and pear
  • Occasion: regular
  • Use with: black leggings
  • Style advice: sandals, informal accessories and handbags are suitable.

6. Mirror work Georgette Anarkali Kurti:

While Anarkali Kurti is lovely and among the excellent ethnic clothes of women, we have these printed motifs that work in mirror Kurt Design. Anarkali Kurti for women gives an immense aspect, with an intricate design, details and elegance. It is a perfect choice for women and instantly establishes a glamorous tone.

Mirror work Georgette Anarkali Kurti

  • Design: Green ethnic motif
  • Fabric: Georgette
  • Body type: large size, apple and sand watch
  • Occasion: holiday clothing and family gatherings
  • Use with: beige pants
  • Style advice: ethnic accessories, metallic footwear and good options for Bagbagare designer.

7. Rajasthani Kurti with mirror work jacket:

Rajasthani Kurti is an SUV. If you love versatile and classic vintage designs, you must own one of this type in your costume collection. So, we have this intricate and large Kurti with a mirror work jacket. The lovely and elegant navy blue Kurt is essential for your luxurious occasions! You can redefine all your appearance and give you a feminine and avant -garde appearance.

Rajasthani Kurti with mirror work jacket

  • Design: Rajasthani Kurti with a large mirror jacket
  • Fabric: Cotton and Georgette
  • Body type: Any person
  • Occasion: meetings
  • Wear with: matching pants
  • Style advice: flat sandals or heels with declaration accessories, it is ideal.

8. Mirror Work designer Long Kurti:

Looking for a designer to use mirror work for the Kurtis collection for women? This striking set of unique Kurt will impress you. The Kurti green mirror work comes in Dupatta de Flyers embroidered with anarchali embroidery, which will surely make their eyes shine. The lovely Kurti is feminine, elegant and sophisticated. The work of the net mirror detailed with floral embroidery is special attention.

Mirror Work designer Long Kurti

  • Design: Mirror work Floral Embroal Net Anarkali Kurt Set for Women
  • Fabric: Network
  • Body type: thin, sand and pear clock
  • Occasion: wedding events, special meetings
  • Wear with: matching game
  • Style advice: declaration earrings, heels, designer bracelets and wallet are perfect options.

9. Kurti mirror lace design:

The Mirror Kurti design in lace work and gold -printed appearance may seem all usual, but is among the perennial leaf designs in the fashion city. The Kurti presents a quarter of sleeves and a classic and avant -garde general appearance. It is perfect for your multipurpose clothes, and the occasions can match with festive meetings or family exits!

Kurti mirror lace design

  • Design: Anarkali Kurti with gold blue print with mirror lace work
  • Fabric: cotton
  • Body type: sand and apple clock
  • Occasion: holiday
  • Use with: blue pants
  • Style advice: Sandals with simple accessories are adequate.

10. Chikankari Kurti with mirror work:

We all love Chikankari Kurtas. There is no doubt about this. How about mixing Chikankari’s always beautiful work with mirror work designs? Enthusiastic? This Kurti model is one of this type. The beautiful blue Kurti comes with Chikankari’s work and a geometric yoke mirror design near the yoke. In general, the Anarkali Balled Design Mirror Kurti for women joins the intricate appearance.

Chikankari Kurti with mirror work

  • Design: Chikankari Anarkali Kurta Blue Geometric Mirror Design
  • Fabric: Rayon
  • Body type: sand and pear clock
  • Occasion: family gatherings
  • Use with: white pants
  • Style advice: combines with festive ears accessories.

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